Meru Cabs Coupons and Offers For Online Cab Bookings

Meru Cabs Coupons

OffersCoupon Code/DealsMaximum Discount
Flat Up To Rs.150 OFF On 1st App BookingMERU150Rs.150
Get 25% Cashback Pay with PaytmDealRs.100
Flat 15% Cashback Pay With MobikwikDealRs.100
Get 25% Cashback Pay With FreechargeDealRs.150
Flat Rs.150 OFF On Mumbai RidesMERU150Rs.150
Get Rs.150 Discount On Bangalore RidesMERU150Rs.150
Get Rs.150 Discount On Delhi RidesMERU150Rs.150
Flat Rs.150 OFF On Hyderabad First RideMERU150Rs.150
Flat Rs.150 OFF On Kolkata RidesMERU150Rs.150

App Offers

Meru Cabs can be accessed by using their mobile app available on various smartphone operating systems as well as the website. Customers can log in to the website and decide on different options of travel such as Local, Intercity or Carpool.

 Today Top Coupons For App Bookings

There are many offers that Meru Cabs provide their customers with. This includes perks such as Rs.150 off on airport trips and Rs.150 off on your first travel with the app. Further, discounts such as 10-15% on travel are provided and also points can be accumulated to garner more offers.

 First Ride Offers For New Users

There are everyday offers from Meru for people who use the Meru App. This is primarily to encourage people to use the app more often as compared to other ways of booking. There are deals constantly put up by Meru Cabs, asking their customers to use the app.The Meru Cabs app is free to download for Google Play Store, App Store,Windows and Blackberry App World. You can also get Rs150 off by booking your first taxi on the Meru app. This offer is present across all the major cities like,Mumbai,Bangalore,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Pune where Meru operates. The offer comes along with Meru, Meru Flexi and Meru Genie. Check here for more offers on the Meru App. Like Meru Cabs, Uber also giving free ride of new users in all major cities in india. To get those offer check Uber Promo Codes and save more on you’re booking.

meru-cabs-new-user-offers Get Now

 Save More On Airport Drops

meru-cabs-airport-offersMeru operates extensively for air travellers, picking them from the airport and dropping them at the chosen destination. Meru’s airport trip offers are extremely convenient for people who fly regularly. Get Rs 150 off on every airport trip with Meru. This offer comes with both Meru and Meru Flexi and is available in both Hyderabad and Bengaluru. You can find these type of deals in Ola also, they are giving special offer on Airport trips. To get those offers check Ola Cabs Coupons for airport drops and pay less on you’re trip. Check out their website to activate this offer.

 Pros: Exclusive Discount Offers On Every Ride in Modern Cabs. 

Discounts Fares On Everywhere

Connected by a mobile app as well as an online service, Meru Cabs has a plethora of options that one can choose from. Since they are based in close to 10+ cities in the country it has made commuting easier for millions of people. Customers can avail taxis either for local travel within the city, out of the city or even carpool with people. This proves to be an advantage as they have the option to choose from different offers and can weigh in on the best. Carpooling is an option that is also not offered by other taxi services, which gives Meru an advantage.

 Mumbai Offers

Hiring a cab in Mumbai to travel to one place to another can indeed cost you a bomb. However, with Meru Cabs and its genuine price rates, you might find it entirely reasonable. You can travel at the rate of INR 20 per km using the Meru Cabs Deals and also avail a discount of 20% or more on your total bill calculated by exact meter on using the coupon codes. If you are unable to get meru cabs in peak then go to uber cabs, and check Uber Cabs Offers in Mumbai and save more on your trips.

 Bangalore Coupons

The IT Hub of India – Bangalore indeed is a busy city and expensive as well. Meru Cabs comes as a help for all the IT students and workers from all around the country who have come to stay in the city and earn a livelihood. Moreover, if you have to travel to the airport, you can hire the Meru Cabs and also for going within the city you can use it and get massive discounts by using various coupon codes.

 Delhi Promo Codes

Meru Cabs in Delhi is yet another life saviour for the people living there. Travelling in local trains can be inexpensive but time-taking. Meru Cabs not only comes with cheap rides but also it gives comfort and is time-saving as well. You also can travel to Airport without hassles and pay with Paytm Wallet you can avail a 25% cashback.

 Hyderabad Coupon Codes

When in Hyderabad, all you crave for is to live life the royal way in nawabi style. So why to go and keep bargaining with the auto drivers when you can quickly hire the Meru Cabs at just INR 21 per km and have a luxurious ride to your home office or any other place you are visiting. Moreover, if you are making payments using the Mobikwik Wallet you get a 15% cashback on every third ride you book with Meru.

 Kolkata Offers

The city where you have options such as Metros, Local Trains and Buses but still transportation from one place to another is not that simple in the town of Kolkata. Meru Cabs with its INR 15 per km fare comes with an easier travel option for the people. You can also get a discount of 20% on your rides if you are a Facebook user and registered with Meru Cabs Facebook page.

 Pune Discount Coupons

Meru Cabs in Pune offers the reasonable price rate of only INR 15 per km along with other offers and discounts on every ride. On using the code PUN20, a rider gets a discount of 20% for the next five trips.Like Meru Cabs, Ola Cabs also offering discounts on cab rides.To get those offers check Ola Cabs Coupons for Pune and save money on trips. The offers from Meru helps the people in Pune save more money and travel in less time to their destination comfortably.

 Ahmedabad Promo Codes

Meru Cabs in Ahmedabad is also gaining popularity with each passing day. With its economical price range and various discount offers, the cab service provider has won the hearts of people in Ahmedabad. You can download the Meru Cab App and avail a discount of INR 150 on your first ride and 20% off on five more rides in Ahmedabad.

 Cashback Offers

Meru cashback offers are a superb way to save money while still commuting in a Meru cab. Check for their regular cashback offers, deals, promo codes and more here.

 Pros: Most Of The Taxi Services at Airports in Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Meru Cabs Review

With the advent of growing technology, the transportation sector has become crucial in connecting Indians with fast and convenient traveling options. Cabs prove to be an integral mode of transport in urban regions and it is important that people have a number of taxis on-the-go. Meru Cabs is one of the biggest taxi aggregator services that began the trend of cab services in the country. Meru rose to be one of the pilot players who tapped the market of customers who heavily rely on convenient taxi services. Now, the Meru app is just as popular, allowing customers to hail an instant taxi right from one’s smartphone.

Meru Cabs FAQ

About Meru Cabs

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Started in 2007 and headquartered in Mumbai, Meru Cabs is today the third largest “radio taxi” service in the world. Based in 13 cities, Meru is looking to extend to 20 more cities by the end of next year. Furthermore, Meru serves more than 1.8 million customers every day and has a training academy where their drivers are taught basic courteous behavior and other important aspects to improve the overall customer experience.

Meru bears a unique USP of being the leading taxi aggregators in the country. Despite the growing competition with more and more new players coming into the arena, Meru continues to hold its base of loyal and returning customers. Meru typically has taxi booking options via phone, website and the smart Meru mobile app. The app is user friendly where the customers can access the cab booking information with multiple options, on the go. Though Meru sees a stiff competition, from the likes of Ola Cabs and Uber Cabs, it continues to rule the segment.

What is Meru Cabs Contact Number?

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Meru Cabs is yet another cab service providing serving in all the key cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow and more. With its economical charges and numerous discount offers it is giving the customers a reason to hire the cab without waiting for a second thought on their decision. A comfortable ride, different types of vehicles for the trip and ready to help customer care is what you get from the Meru Cabs and would appreciate it always.

Contact Numbers:

Delhi  011 44 22 44 22

Bangalore  080 44 22 44 22

Mumbai  022 44 22 44 22

Kolkata  033 33 99 33 99

Hyderabad  040 44 22 44 22

Pune  020 44 22 44 22

Chennai  044 44 22 44 22

Jaipur  0141 44 22 44 2

For corporate enquiries call us on +91-22-40520100.

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